Casa do Passadiço - Interiors

Casa do Passadiço - Interiors was born in 1992, when Catarina Rosas converted a 18th century Manor House in Braga, Portugal, in a privileged showroom and founded the atelier with the same name. Her daughters Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira soon joined her to proceed with the work of architecture and interior design.

The atelier signature style integrates a well-balanced contemporary elegance and discreet luxury and their works are known to be sophisticated, elegant and simultaneously timeless and comfortable that can be described as a ‘reinterpreted classical’.

Firstly their work was mainly in Portugal but shortly the studio, specialized in projecting luxurious high-end interiors, had aroused interest abroad. Nowadays the interior designers work is recognised worldwide and the atelier is proud to have signed a long list of works not only all over Portugal, but also in Paris, London, Florence, Milan, Miami, Dubai, Qatar, São Paulo and New York. Currently the atelier has more than 30 projects underway, from high-end private residences to luxury boutiques in Europe, Middle East and USA.

In 2019, twenty-six years after the opening of the showroom in Braga, Casa do Passadiço opened a new showroom in Lisbon, located in a 1900 historical building at the most renowned Avenue in Portugal, Avenida da Liberdade, fully reflecting the lifestyle and taste of the interior designers duo and as an extension of Casa do Passadiço headquarter itself: an historical building with their own personal selection of furniture, created by the team and also from the most exclusive contemporary international brands and designers, pieces of art, unique objects and antiques all picked personally all over the world and harmoniously presented together in this historical space.

Claudia and Catarina Soares Pereira develop each project as unique, having on the detail the essence of their works.

Together with their team of designers and architects, the Interior Designer`s duo create spaces where the mixture of materials are combined to achieve timeless ambiances, always with a touch of boldness.